New Smugmug site

Yesterday, Smugmug announced and unveiled their new look.  It’s not just an update to their previous site – it’s a complete rebuild from the ground up.  I spent some time last night working on my page and customizing/organizing some things and I have to say I’m pretty happy with the upgrade.  It’s VERY fast, looks great, and is much more intuitive than the previous site.  Check out my new page –

One of the things I like is the multiple layers of folders and galleries you can now have – allowing me to better organize galleries of race track photos by location, date and even cars if I want.

Well done, Smugmug – this appears to be a pretty nice update!

Internet Exploder and Blogspot not playing nice…

So I heard that my Blog page was not loading properly.. when I pulled it up on my Mac to check it out, everything looked okay – so I assumed it was a fluke, or user error on the part of the person who told me about it. Then one day while at work, I happened to try again – using Internet Explorer… and I got an error message indicating the page could not be loaded.. turns out it’s a ‘known’ issue with Blogger/Blogspot (even though they don’t seem to have acknowledged it yet).. the fix was to remove some of the ‘gadgets’ I had on my blog, until the problem corrected itself… I did that this morning, and now things seem to be working properly again. Thanks Eric for telling me about the problem, otherwise I wouldn’t have known!