iPhone photo apps

Every now and then, I get asked about my favorite photo apps for the iPhone…

This got me curious to see how many photo apps I had on my iPhone 4 .. I plugged in my phone on my laptop and went to iTunes … 44 apps in the “photography” genre!

I certainly don’t use all of these.. or probably even half of them.. so I’ll go through and just discuss the ones I know I use the most ..

Pro HDR ($1.99) – the best HDR app I’ve tried – it allows for adjustment of brightness, contrast, saturation, warmth and tint after you’ve merged your dark and light images.
Tiltshift Generator ($0.99) – give your photos that ‘miniaturized’ look by selecting the focal point after the image has been taken.. works GREAT in conjunction with HDR for dramatic photos!
Instagram (free) – apply creative filters and share your images with other Instagram users
Old Photo Pro (free) – give your photos a creative, old look
Camerabag ($1.99) – apply custom filters to your photos and get cool, creative effects
360 Panorama ($0.99) – Create a real-time 360 degree panorama in your phone without having to stitch together multiple photos.  Works pretty well.
Adobe Photoshop Express (free) – a great multi-function basic photo editing tool.  Crop, rotate, sharpen, soft focus, auto timer and more.. and it’s FREE!
LensFlare ($0.99) – choose from a multitude of lens flare effects, adjust their strength, position, color and more.  Really cool effect.
Hipstamatic ($1.99) – one of the most popular photography apps on iTunes, almost an infinite number of combinations to choose from to get some great retro effects
Autostitch Panorama ($1.99) – another panorama app – but this one stitches multiple images together to create a panorama.  The benefit of this one over the previous panorama app, is that it does a much better job of blending different images together for a more seamless image.
Flickr (free) – after creating all these great images, you need to share them!!!