The Batmobile will ride again…

A fun job I’ve been working on for a while – documenting the restoration of one of the first Batmobiles ever created.  This car was originally built back in the early 1960’s as a home-built project – which was then rented by All-Star Dairies to promote their line of Batman-themed ice cream and beverages.  The car was built on an Oldsmobile chassis, with a totally custom fiberglass body.

The car sat for a number of years until 2013 when it was purchased by a collector who is committed to restoring it to it’s original glory.  The restoration is being completed in Sacramento by a fabricator who’s done work on a number of cars, including the convertible Buick driven by Tom Cruise in “Rain Man”.

They are hoping to have the car completed for the Sacramento Autorama show at Cal-Expo the weekend of Feb 14-16.

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And of course – some photos!

Batmobile-1-2 Batmobile-1-3 Batmobile-1-4 Batmobile-1-5 Batmobile-1-6 Batmobile-1-7 Batmobile-1-8 Batmobile-1


Skulls Car Club Cruise and Car Show July 16

The Sacramento Skulls Car Club hosted a Cruise and Car show this weekend, the cruise started at the So-Cal Speedshop in Sacramento and ended out at the Elkhorn Station Roadhouse Bar and Grill.  A ton of cool cars from a multitude of car clubs showed up to participate in the event and enjoy the live music from several different bands.  The old cars, along with their owners and other enthusiasts/supporters who were dressed according to the 50’s/60’s time period made for some great photos.  I had a blast and got some really cool photos.

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Link to photos

Car Show Collage