Pirates – in Vallejo??

On my way back from the Hot Air Balloons in Windsor, I had to make a stop to get something to drink in Vallejo.  As I was driving, I noticed some interesting folks walking down the sidewalk.  It looked like the cast of Pirates of the Caribbean were invading Vallejo.  Soon enough, I understood – I saw the big sign for the “Pirate Festival”.  Since I had all my camera gear with me, this was just too good an opportunity to pass up.

Admission was free (they collected donations), and there were more pirates than you could shake a sword at.  All over the place.  I really liked the ‘zombie pirates’.. some of them got REALLY into character and had incredible makeup.  I only stayed for about 20 minutes – enough to get some photos and then I was back on the road.  It was a cool looking event – not sure if I would have wanted to stay too long, but if you had kids, it would be a great place to take them for a good afternoon swashbuckling.

Pirate Festival Vallejo CA

Collage of photos from Pirate Festival 2011