Doggie Drama

We’ve had a lot of doggie drama lately… to fully explain it requires a little history about our pooches..

When we got Maggie about 3 years ago, she had just been spayed… then about 8 months later or so, we noticed that she was demonstrating signs of going into heat.  So we took her to our vet – All About Pets, and they let us know that it’s possible that when she was spayed, some ovarian tissue was left behind, which was triggering the hormonal symptoms of going into heat.  So, we had our vet do ANOTHER ‘spay’ procedure on her to recover any remaining ovarian tissue that was causing this problem.  Then, about another 6-8 months later, Maggie went into “heat” again! At this point, we resigned to just let it happen.  We didn’t want to put her through a third surgery.  This all happened a couple years ago.

Now, recently …

About 3 weeks ago, we noticed that Maggie was walking with a limp and not the normal energy level that she typically displayed.  We figured that she probably pulled a muscle or something and decided to just keep an eye on her to see if it improved or worsened.  After about a week, we didn’t see any improvement so we took her to All About Pets to get checked out… they checked her joints, back, feet, etc and she didn’t show any reactions that indicated a problem.. they did, however notice that her lymph nodes were inflamed. .. so we had the option of either getting bloodwork done to identify the cause of the lymph node swelling, or x-rays to look for something that we couldn’t see.. or both.  We decided to go for the x-rays.. they showed that there were some compressed discs in her back.. nothing too severe, but enough that might cause some discomfort.  So we were ordered to keep her crated while we were at work, and keep her from jumping/running for a couple weeks.  We also got some pain medication to give her to help make her more comfortable.  So, 2 weeks of crating and limited activity later, we didn’t see any marked improvement .. actually she looked like she was worse.  This brings us up to last week.  So, I picked her up after noticing that she was really having a tough time walking, and when I picked her up I noticed that my hand was wet.. so I looked at her belly and saw that it was ‘crusty’.. and there was some discharge from her nipples, and the whole area around her belly was really inflammed and ‘tight’… definitely didn’t look right.  So, our first thought was that this was some kind of infection related to the inflamed lymph nodes.. so off to the Pet Emergency Room we went (it was too late at night to go to our normal vet).  The vet examined her and determined that the discharge was actually milk – she was LACTATING!  How stupid did we feel? Pretty stupid.  But that didn’t explain the limping… so the vet checked her out and thought that her kneecap on one of her hind legs moved more than it should and that we should see our normal vet soon for a checkup.  We made an appointment for Saturday to get Maggie checked up.

In the meantime, we had an appointment on Friday for Sammy to get neutered and his last distemper vaccination .. so Emily dropped him off before work, and I picked him up after work.  They brought him out to me with the cone around his head, and he was just as active and energetic as always.. everything was cool.  That evening I walked down the hallway and Sammy followed me.. I noticed that he was rubbing his face on the carpet… then I picked him up and noticed that his face had swollen up like he’d gone a few rounds in the ring with Mike Tyson.  This was about 9pm.. of course, the vet’s office was closed.. so back to the Pet Emergency room!  They gave him a steroid shot, some Benadryl and something for his stomach (apparently the steroids could make his stomach upset)… apparently it’s not uncommon for dogs to have allergic reactions to vaccinations… however, the distemper vaccination was the 2nd one for Sammy.. so the vet let us know that it may have been a spider bite or something else.. hard to say for sure… within about 20 minutes, the swelling started going down and they let us leave.  The pictures show how he normally looks, and how he looked after the swelling started going down.

Then we took Maggie in for her appointment on Saturday and explained all the drama to the vet… they checked Maggie out and determined that she had a torn ligament in her knee, which is what was causing her to limp.. so now she has a splint on her leg and we need to keep her crated for another 2 weeks… no walking at all.  Fun.  We also managed to talk the vet into giving us some tranquilizers to give Sammy to help mellow him out a bit while his sutures heal from getting neutered…. we’re also giving them to Maggie to help mellow her out so she doesn’t get too wound up while her leg heals.  I think Emily and I are going to start crushing up the tranquilizers and putting them in our cocktails.